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Ninja Classes for Kids

Ninja fitness classes give kids an immersive experience into the sport of Ninja. Children are introduced to a variety of obstacles and an interactive learning program. Your child will have a blast while learning fitness and life skills.


Teen Fitness Classes

The teen warrior training classes consist of warm-ups and slightly more intensive ninja exercises, including a range of obstacles that changes from class to class. Teens will focus on the fundamentals of swinging, climbing, jumping, traversing, balance, tumbling and floor skills, as well as participate in creative conditioning sessions.


Get started today and try a RISK-FREE ninja class to see if your kids will love it!

Step 1. Fill Out Waiver Form

Complete the required waiver form for class and we will contact you within 1 business day to let you know class placement openings. If you have questions before signing up, please don't hesitate to email here!

Step 2. Attend Your Risk-Free Class

Get started on your Ninja journey by attending your first class! This class will be chosen with our guidance and confirmed by our staff.  We have a feeling your kids will love it! You won't be charged for the class until you determine it's the right fit for your family. Monthly, recurring charges will be applied once you enroll.

Step 3. Come Every Week To Class!

We look forward to seeing you every week as your ninja gains strength, confidence and friendships. Your child might even want to sign up for twice a week classes.  We can help you with that, and of course, if you ever miss a class, you can always attend make-up classes on Saturday morning.

Class Schedule


Sidekick Classes (2.5-3 Year Old) - 45 minute class

 Friday - 10:00am

Friday - 11:00am

Jr. Ninja Classes (4-5 Year Old)- 50 minute class

 Thursday - 4:00pm

Saturday- 8:00am 

Saturday - 9:00am

6-8 Year Old Classes- 1 hour class

Monday- 5:15 pm 

Tuesday - 4:00pm & 5:15pm

Wednesday - 4:00 & 5:15pm

 Thursday - 5:00pm & 6:15pm

 Saturday - 10:00am and 11:15am

9-12 Year Old Classes- 1 hour class

  Monday- 5:15 pm  

Tuesday - 5:15pm & 6:30pm

  Wednesday - 4:00pm and 5:15 pm

  Thursday - 6:15pm

  Saturday - 10:00am and 11:15am

Warrior Program (13+ Year Old)- 1 hour class

    Wednesday - 6:30 pm

Home School Classes- 1 hour class

Tuesday - 2:30-3:30pm, (ages 6-17)  

Wednesday - 2:30-3:30pm, (ages 6-17)


Class Pricing

Once a week classes monthly pricing -

$85 per month for weekly Ninja 60 minute classes and $145 for 2 times a week (15% discount!)

$75 per month for weekly Jr. Ninja 50 minute classes

$75 per month for weekly Sidekick 45 minute classes

Annual Registration Fee

There is an annual registration fee of $40 each Sept. 1. This fee is prorated for those joining after September as follows:

    Sept, Oct, Nov – $40

    Dec, Jan, Feb – $30

    Mar, Apr, May – $20

    June – $10

Student Dress Code

USA Ninja Challenge has established dress codes for students to ensure the safety of our students and coaches.  Students should be dressed appropriately for the activity in which they participate.  Dress codes will be enforced.  If a party guest wears clothing that is not suitable for this activity, they will be asked to change or make adjustments before entering the gym.

All Ninjas should wear:

          - Short sleeve T-shirt or tank

          - Shorts

          - Long hair must be put up with hair ties, scrunchies or clips.  

              - Do not use bobby pins, as they have been known to cause injuries to the head, if fallen upon.

Never wear the following:

          - Necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets, belts, watches, fit bits, etc.  

                - All of these items get caught on clothing, equipment or other people and will break or cause injury.

          - Long sleeves - can get caught or hinder a coach from spotting

          - Pants - can get caught or pulled down easily

          - Hoodies, sweat shirts, dresses or other loose clothing.  

                - All of these can cause an injury to a coach when spotting or to a student if clothing gets caught on equipment.

          - Gloves, grips or hand wear of any type.  These items can be dangerous when used on different types of gripped obstacles.

If you have a question about whether or not a particular piece of apparel is acceptable, please ask before sending your child to class.